Nursing in German Hospitals is very much an independent profession. Unlike in other countries, professional nurses in Germany work closely with medics rather than being their assistants. Nurses in Germany also conduct patients’ basic care and hygiene. Becoming a nurse in Germany requires a three-year professional apprenticeship extensively combining theoretical lessons and practical work. Nurses holding a professional degree from a recognised institution within the European Union are only required to pass a language test to get their profession recognised in Germany.

Nurses with diplomas from recognised universities, colleges or nursing schools outside the European Union undergo a formal recognition process. Part of this process is the acquisition of B1 language skills in the country of residence and of additional theoretical and practical knowledge on nursing along with B2 language capabilities in Germany. To obtain B1 language skills typically takes 6-12 months. German authorities set the amount of additional theoretical and practical nursing training for each person individually depending on the previous learning and experience. We conduct all trainings at our own nursing schools and hospitals. The nursing training and the acquisition of B2 language skills typically take another 6-12 months.

As an alternative to the additional nursing training, nurses from countries outside the European Union can work towards passing the nursing exam. To pass this comprehensive exam, B2 language skills and most extensive learning and preparation are required; two attempts are allowed to pass. Once the language skills are sufficient, preparing for the exam alone typically takes 4-6 months fulltime. Applicants can choose only once between training and exam.

If you are a professional nurse with a recognised degree from within or outside the European Union and if you are prepared to obtain the necessary language skills and undergo the required recognition process, we welcome you to apply for a nursing position or job in one of our hospitals in Germany.

We will be happy to help your through the formalities and support your language education. During the entire migration and training process both our International Recruiting as well as someone from your future workplace (the hospital) will take care of you and help you finding your way into living and working in Germany. You will receive a working contract whilst you are still in your home country and an assistant nurse full-time salary once you migrate to Germany. As your employer, we will cover the costs for both your training and your language education. During the completion of your recognition, you will typically work part-time as an assistant nurse at your new workplace so that you have sufficient time for your language and nursing trainings. Once your qualification is completely recognised, you will be promoted to professional nurse in Germany and your salary will rise accordingly.


More than 13.000 nurses, physicians, therapists and other healthcare professionals make St. Francis-Foundation with its 15 hospitals one of the largest Christian hospital operators in Germany. We take care of over 580,000 patients every year. Nine homes for elderly people and the disabled, and eleven outpatient facilities and medical specialist centres add to our foundation. All our hospitals are in the northwest of Germany with its unique mixture between vibrant cities and attractive rural landscapes. Professional nurses from all over the world already work with St. Francis Foundation today.

If you would like to become a nurse in Germany at St. Francis Foundation, please apply to one of the contacts below. Our International Recruiting will be happy to help you becoming part of our team.


The Hospital Sisters of St. Francis were the originators of St. Francis Foundation in Germany as well as other hospital foundations around the world. Thus, working with professional nurses and physicians from all over the world has a long tradition for us.  We continue the Sister’s spirit in maintaining the highest quality of healthcare and nursing in modern and technologically advanced environments combined with open hearts, minds and hands for those whom we care for and those who work with us. The values of St. Francis, the Catholic Church and Christian beliefs are important to us.

If you are a professional nurse and working according to these values is a key motivator to you, please contact us for further information on migrating to Germany and obtaining the required recognition to work as a nurse in Germany. 

As your employer, we will cover the costs for both your training and your language education once you are in Germany.


We offer you the opportunity to work in Germany in a secure, well-recognised and rewarding job. Amongst the benefits are:

  • Complete social and healthcare security, which is amongst the best in Europe
  • Free German lessons up to level B2 and beyond after your migration to Germany
  • Free training and education up to the formal recognition of your professional degree
  • Guidance and support throughout the entire migration process and many other day-to-day topics
  • Individual and professional mentoring
  • Support when you plan a family reunion
  • A friendly and competent team that is looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you whenever you need it

Apply now in German or English with a short letter regarding your motivation, your curriculum vitae, copies of your professional degree, your German B1/B2 language certificate, and your recognition Bescheid. Please send your application as PDF-files via e-mail to koester(at)


If you have successfully completed a degree in any other healthcare profession, for example as a physician, please send your application with your curriculum vitae, copies of your highest degrees and language certificate as PDF-files to one of the contacts named below. 


Dr. Heiko Filthuth

Head of International Recruiting

Contact for institutions

+49 251 27079-41



Barbara Köster MBA

Care and Process Management

Contact for individual applicants

+49 251 27079-36



Dr. Gertrud Bureick

Project Coordination

Contact for individual applicants

+49 251 27079-21