The St. Francis-Foundation Münster (German: St. Franzikus-Stiftung Münster) is one of the largest Christian hospital owners in Germany. Some 13.000 nurses, physicians, therapists and other professionals work with us for the betterment of health of more than 580.000 patients every year. We operate 15 hospitals and 9 facilities for the disabled and for elderly people, as well as 11 outpatient facilities and medical specialist centres in the German counties of the North Rhine, Westphalia and Bremen.

“Close + Worldwide–Simply Francis” means for us to continue the cosmopolitan and solicitous spirit of the Order of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis, the originators of the St. Francis Foundation, into today’s high quality and modern medicine and care.

Nurses are our largest professional group. We provide them with highly accredited education. For example, degrees as Professional Nurses (German: Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerrespectively Pflegefachmann/Pflegefachfrau), as Midwives (German: Hebammen), as Surgery Technology Assistants (German: OperationstechnischeAssistenten), as Dieticians (German: Diätassistenten), as Medical Assistants (German: MedizinischeFachangestellte), as Remedial Therapists (German: Heilerziehungspfleger) and as Geriatric Nurse (German: Altenpfleger). We operate our own schools and training facilities for almost 900 students. People from more than 40 countries work with us, many of which have a nursing degree from their home country. To these foreign colleagues, our schools offer specific training dedicated to achieving the formal recognition of their degrees that is required in Germany.


We are looking for foreign nurses and other healthcare professionals. Working with nursing teams from all over the world has a long tradition with us since the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis also own and operate hospitals and care facilities in Eastern Europe, Africa, India, Japan, and North America. Our International Recruiting coordinates the search for nurses and healthcare professionals for all hospitals, disabled and elderly people facilities of the St. Francis Foundation in Germany. We are the first point of contact for nursing schools, colleges, universities, and other providers of qualified and recognised nursing and healthcare trainings from abroad. Professional nurses who are interested in living and working in Germany are welcome to contact us directly.


We seek contact to nursing schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions providing qualified and recognised nursing and healthcare trainings and degrees. We observe our ethical principles and compliance guidelines. We will consider as partners only institutions from countries that train nurses in numbers substantially above their own demand. To our partnering institutions, we offer a long-term partnership. We strive to jointly develop and maintain sustainable contacts so that, together, we can offer early perspectives in nursing to qualified and interested students.

We welcome contact from the representatives of recognised nursing schools and comparable institutions.


Have you successfully completed a nursing degree or a comparable qualification and are interested in working in a German hospital or care facility? Are you prepared to learn German at least up to level B1/B2 in your home country? Are you eager to increase your professional knowledge to the necessary level to obtain the formal recognition needed to work as a professional nurse in Germany– and to increase your knowledge of German to level B2 whilst studying? If your answer is yes, please apply directly!

Application form

We offer you the opportunity to work in Germany in a secure, well-recognised and rewarding job. You will receive complete social and healthcare security, which is amongst the best in Europe. We enable you to learn German in your home country up to level B1/B2 and to continue in Germany up to level C1/C2. In in our own schools and hospitals you will receive the highly qualified training needed to obtain the professional recognition that you need to work in Germany. Our team will guide you through your entire migration process and your education up to your professional recognition. We will support you continuously and do our utmost to ensure that you feel at home in Germany.

Our offer

  • Opportunities for visitation, hospitation and practical training in our hospitals and care facilities
  • Free German lessons up to level C1/C2, first in your home country and after migration, near to your new workplace in Germany
  • Free training and education up to the formal recognition of your professional degree
  • Guidance and support throughout the entire migration process
  • Support with the government applications in Germany, in addition to guidance and help when searching for an apartment and dealing with many other day-to-day topics
  • Individual and professional mentoring directly in your workplace
  • Support when you plan a family reunion
  • A friendly and competent team that is looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you whenever you need it

Apply now in German or English with a short letter on your motivation, your curriculum vitae, copies of your highest school and professional degrees and a copy of your language certificate! Please send your application as one PDF-file via e-mail to one of the contacts named below.


If you have successfully completed a degree in any other healthcare profession, for example as a physician, please send your application with the aforementioned documents.


Dr. Heiko Filthuth

Head of International Recruiting

Contact for institutions

+49 251 27079-41



Barbara Köster MBA

Care and Process Management

Contact for individual applicants

+49 251 27079-36



Dr. Gertrud Bureick

Project Coordination

Contact for individual applicants

+49 251 27079-21